English Summary

Forum Artis is the national co-operation organ for Finnish artists’ associations. Its aims are: to advance the interests of its member societies; to promote the co-operation within the various branches of art; and to foster the social and professional interests of its membership. The organization was formed in 1950 and its by-laws were adopted the following year. Forum Artis became a registered association in 1962.


Contact Us

President Ilkka Niemeläinen
Secretary General Sanna Manninen

Forum Artis
c/o Suomen Musiikintekijät ry
Urho Kekkosen katu 2 C
00100 Helsinki, Finland
Telephone +358-45-340-9229
Email forumartis@forumartis.fi


Member Societies

The Society of Swedish Authors in Finland

The Swedish Speaking Actors Union of Finland

Grafia − Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland

The Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA)

The Union of Finnish Writers

The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters

The Finnish Association of Reciters of Poetry

The Finnish Musicians’ Union

The Finnish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild

The Finnish Actor’s Union

The Society of Finnish Composers

The Artists’ Association of Finland

Elvis – The Finnish Society of Composers and Lyricists

Trade Union for Theatre and Media Finland (Teme)

The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo

Globe Art Point

KAOS – the Literary Translators’ Branch with the Union of Journalists in Finland

International Co-operation

Forum Artis is a member of the Council of Nordic Artists (Nordiska Konstnärsrådet) which meets regularly in the Nordic Countries. The other member organizations are:

Dansk Kunstnerråd (Denmark)

KLYS – Swedish Joint Committee for Artistic and Literary Professionals

The Federation of Icelandic Artists, BÍL

The Council of Faroese Artists LISA

Sami Artist Council

Kunstnernettverket (Norway)